Track64 is a blogging domain for myself, my family and my various businesses and interests.

This is my website. I live in Texas north of Dallas, have a great old dog named Rowdy and a cat named Sparky, and I like taking cruises.

I am the retired VP of R&D at a software company (MigraTec) that no longer exists. I hold patent 6269367B1 with the easily forgettable title of “System and Method for Automated Identification, Remediation and Verification of Computer Program Code Fragments with Variable Confidence Factors”. MigraTec based 17 products on this concept and it never earned me a penny above my salary. MigraTec shut down in 2003 and the receivers never did anything with the rights to my patent.

I have had a number of businesses over the years, the newest, still in start-up mode, is Homewood Steamworks. It sells a variety of steampunk themed goods and made to order industrial iron pipe lamps.

I have a number of interests and they each have (or will have) a page on this site.